• Weoffer solutions that are clear, simple easy to implement enhanced the comfort and safety for people and property & ease of installation, wiring, programming and maintenance.
  • Ergonomic extra-slim profile design, smooth and pleasing to the touch.
  • Perfect integration withthe building architecturewith a wide range of finishes.
  • Available in color and Black & White range with the extra slim profile.
  • Digital or analogue wiring,for maximum flexibility andease of updating in the future.
  • Flush-mounting and surface-mounting panelsgreatly simplify installationwith their quick and easymounting and maintenance.
  • The indoor unit can also be usedas a standard telephone.
  • The wireless versions of Legrand door entry phone kits can be usedto install audio door entry phones for single-family houses,quickly and without damaging the walls.
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