• For the connection of motors, transformers, machines, appliances, switch cabinets and other installations with

    increased ambient temperature
  • For use in traffic regulation systems as well as outdoors
  • Suitable for wiring respectively connection of lighting, heating appliances switch gear cabinets and distributors in

    mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Area with high ambient temperature where insulating and sheath martial of conventional cable will embitterafar a

    short while
  • Typical field of application:

    Steel,cement,ceramic,iron works, bakery equipment,industrial furnaces, electric motor industry,Lighting technology,

    polymer processing,generator and transformer building
Product Feature
  • Good moisture, ozone-and UV resistance
  • At room temperature resistance against a multitude of oils and chemical media
  • Abrasion and notch resistant
  • Resistant against a multitude of oils, alcohols, vegetable and animal fate and chemical media
  • Almost 30% higher peak temperature possible in comparison to conventional PVC cables
  • Certified for maritime application
  • Softy in area with high personnel concentration
  • Reduction of flame propagation and density and toxicity of smoke gases in event of fire
  • Good flexibility ease the installation where space is limited
  • Possess still insulation properties after combustion due to remaining SiO2 ash on the conductor
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