• For electrical connection of drilling units, pumping stations, compressors, generators.

    also emergency power supply respectively emergency lighting in harsh environmental conditions.
  • For On-and offshore applications as for instance stationary or mobile drilling rings and marine vessels
  • Foods and beverage industry, especially for production and processing equipment of milk and meat products
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • In an environment where exposed to oils, fats, waxes or their emulsions
  • In electromagnetic interface critical environment
  • Saving effects due to wide range of applications
  • Good combination of quality and price
  • Board application range
  • Longer durability in harsh application
  • Space saving installation due to small cable diameters
  • Protected against water and dust
Product Feature
  • Increased oil resistance
  • Abrasion and cut resistance
  • Low adhesive surface
  • UV resistance and weather proof
  • High dielectric strength and low mutual capacitance
  • Halogen free materials
  • EMC Protection
  • Flame retardant
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