Lexic MCB
  • Safe
  • Simple to operate
  • Flexible
  • Air channel for low temperature rise
  • Sensitive
Lexic MCB Tech
  • It is associated with a device upstream which has the necessary breaking capacity at its own installation point
  • The downstream device and the trunking being protected can withstand the power limited by the association of the devices
Lexic MPCB & VSP
  • The motor MPCB has a signaling system for magnetic tripping that prevents all dangerous shutdown following a short-circuit previously isolated by the device.
  • Rated insulating voltage as per rang
  • High protection agents lighting
  • Increased protection for telephone, fax, modem etc.
  • Standard voltage surge protection
Lexic RCBO
  • Protection agents over load
  • Protection agents earth leakage
  • Bi-connection terminal
  • Terminal with safety terminal
  • Protection short circuit
  • Easy control of light based on the calculating of sunrise and sundown ,with no need of installing a light.
  • With text based programming concept
  • Fast & easy programming with PC
  • Programming as per day wise or weekly is possible
  • Backup on data key possible
  • Also provision for holiday preprogramming
  • Din channel mounting
  • Easy to monitoring
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